‘My a** looks good’ Kate Beckinsale tricks daughter into thinking Madonna’s pic is her own

Kate Beckinsale shows off INCREDIBLY flexible legs at gym

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Underworld actress Kate Beckinsale has shown that she is quite the prankster in a series of messages to her daughter, Lily. Posting the hilarious thread to social media, the 48-year-old, who shares her daughter with ex Michael Sheen, revealed that she had managed to convince Lily that she was the owner of the set of legs and rear that were peeking out from under a bed in now-viral snaps posted by Madonna.

As if I’d take that and post it you maniac

Kate Beckinsale

Yesterday, the Holiday hitmaker shared her latest series of racy snaps to Instagram, which showed her cheekily flashing her nipple in more than one picture while rolling around in a large, white bed.

Wanting to trick her daughter into thinking that the superstar’s fishnet tights-clad posterior was her own, the actress playfully sent her the revealing snap, which she shared with her five million followers.

After sending the picture, she wrote to Lily: “Do you think it’s too much that I posted this.

“The thing is my a** looks good,” she added.

Responding to her mum, the 22-year-old said that she was baffled over the photo.

“I’m a little confused I must say,” Lily admitted, before adding: “I do think it’s a little much but it’s also very arty.”

Coming clean, Kate wrote: “Lol It’s Madonna,” adding: “Like I’d ever.”

Playfully chiding her daughter, she continued: “I can’t believe you can’t recognise your own mother’s anus from under the bed.”

Expressing her relief at finding out the true owner of the racy snap, Lily said: “Ma that was a ducking rollercoaztwr.” (sic)

“Ha ha I’m snorting,” responded Kate as her daughter revealed that she was taken in by the joke.

“I couldn’t even sign into Instagram and check I was so confused,” she wrote.

“I’m so relieved,” Lily added.

Kate’s daughter told how she needed to “sit down” to deal with the bombshell that her mum had dropped on her, before expressing her delight that the picture was not of her mum’s behind.

“I legit sat down to deal w that,”(sic) Lily wrote, admitting: “My coworker came up and asked if I was on break.” (sic)

Finding her daughter’s reaction hilarious, Kate penned: “Lol i’m crying.”(sic)

Lily responded: “Me too tears of happiness,” before explaining: “I wouldn’t even be embarrassed like for me if u posted that I would be concerned.” (sic)

However, Kate reassured her daughter that she had no inclination to post racy pictures anytime soon.

“As if I’d take that and post it you maniac,” Kate replied to Lily.

“No I know that’s why it was so jarring,” she replied.

“Well quite,” said Kate, before adding: “Also what am I doing under the bed and when did I get that rug?”

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