‘Nancy Drew’ Stars Reveal That the CW Series Is a ‘Different Imagining’ of the Classic Books!

The CW is gearing up for another bold re-imagining of a classic series.

Follow the massive success of Riverdale, based on the Archie Comics, the network will debut its new take on Nancy Drew this fall.

The stars of the upcoming drama teased what fans can expect from Season 1 during an interview with Entertainment Weekly at Comic-Con in San Diego, Calif.

Kennedy McMann, who stars as Nancy in the series, says she’s a huge fan of the books and that she’s been preparing to play the teen detective, “truly for my entire life.”

“I think there’s a sense of her character that comes from the games and comes from the books that you only know intimately if you’ve really gotten to know them,” she said of Nancy. “There’s this cunning but this sense of humor mixed into it, and this sense of [how] she never doubts herself, that I really wanted to make sure stayed true [in] this representation of her.”

Leah Lewis, who plays George, said that the show will be more focused on characters than the books were.

“All the characters in this are very relatable and human,” Leah said. “In the books I feel like it focuses more on them in action, whereas this focuses a lot on the relationships.”

Finally, Tunji Kasim, who plays Ned “Nick” Nickerson in the show, says his character in particular “is quite a different imagining from the books. We’ve kind of started again with his character, and actually Ned — a.k.a. Nick — has a bit of a history.”

If the network’s take on Riverdale is any indication, we’re sure that applies to every aspect of Nancy Drew.

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