Nichelle Nichols’ Son and Manager Fighting for Control of Her Estate in Conservatorship Battle

The ‘Star Trek’ actress, 88 years old, is at the center of conservatorship battle involving her only child Kyle Johnson and former manager Gilbert Bell while she’s reportedly battling dementia.

AceShowbiz -“Star Trek” icon Nichelle Nichols is in the middle of a years-long conservatorship battle as three parties fight for control of the star’s affairs.

Nichols, the actress who played beloved character Nyota Uhura on the groundbreaking sci-fi TV series, is suffering from dementia, the Los Angeles Times reports.

In 2010, the actress began exhibiting “mental instability and poor judgement,” according to IndieWire. She was diagnosed in 2013 with dementia and short-term memory loss. She had a stroke in 2015 and began requiring round-the-clock care.

Kyle Johnson, her only child, sought a petition for her conservatorship, which he won, in 2018. He is battling with her former manager, Gilbert Bell, whom he claims has taken “control over Ms. Nichols’ assets and personal affairs.”

Bell has filed a lawsuit against Johnson alleging Nichelle’s son is mounting an “aggressive” attempt to remove him from Nichols’ guest home.

Meanwhile, actress and producer Angelique Fawcette, a friend of Nichols, whom the actress named as her successor, has claimed Bell left Nichols’ home in a state of “disrepair.”

According to Fawcette, Bell wanted to marry the 88-year-old star, which alarmed her friends and family. Unlike Johnson, Angelique insists Nichelle can manager her own affairs and does not need a conservatorship.

Nichelle Nichols is not the only star in the middle of conservatorship woes.

Britney Spears is currently fighting to regain control of her life after being in conservatorship for 13 years. She accused her handlers that included estranged father Jamie Spears and co-conservator Jodi Montgomery of abuse.

She also called out other family members of hers for failing to support her in her time of need.

While Britney accused her family of living off her conservatorship, her brother Bryan previously insisted the conservatorship was “a great thing” for their family.

Meanwhile, sister Jamie Lynn Spears previously sought more involvement in Britney’s conservatorship. Last year, Jamie Lynn filed a legal request to create accounts that would hold all of Britney’s assets. Jamie Lynn’s husband also appeared to defend the conservatorship, insisting the family only wanted the best for Britney.

Dad Jamie Spears has since agreed to step down as Britney’s conservator while Jodi Montgomery remains. Jodi insists Britney wants her to stay to manage her affairs.

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