No work calls for me after 6pm, it's too stressful, says Simon Cowell

No work calls for me after 6pm… it’s too stressful, says Simon Cowell, 63

As one of the biggest music moguls in the business you’d think he’d be working 24/7.

But Simon Cowell has now stopped taking any work calls after 6pm in a bid to banish stress from his life following his 2020 e-bike horror crash.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge, 63, said he has reprioritised his life in recent years which has also included cutting down to just two cigarettes a day and overhauling his diet and fitness.

‘Reducing the stress in my life is my number one priority now,’ he told the Daily Mail’s Weekend Magazine.

‘I’m very lucky to have my job, but it comes with a lot of stress. I try to not bring that stress into our home so I now have a cut-off time of 6pm, after which I refuse to take phone calls.

Simon Cowell (pictured) has now stopped taking any work calls after 6pm in a bid to banish stress from his life following his 2020 e-bike horror crash

‘In 2019 I really looked at my diet and exercise, and even the smoking – I’ve cut down to two cigarettes a day. It’s been hard but I’m really feeling the difference.’ 

Cowell, who is father to nine-year-old Eric with partner Lauren Silverman, broke his back after a devastating fall from a bike nearly three years ago.

He had to endure six hours of gruelling surgery and have metal rods inserted into his back following the accident.

Cowell has since changed his outlook and is much nicer to contestants on the new series of the ITV talent show that airs next week.

‘When you become a parent you see the shows in a very different way. When I see children of a similar age, I think, ‘If that was Eric standing there I’d be really proud,’ he said.

‘I’ve also reached a point in my life where I’ve started thinking about my legacy. My dream would be to hand this show over to Eric and say, ‘It’s yours now.’ That would be amazing.’ 

Cowell really gets stuck in during the new series, for with he will be joined by Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and Bruno Tonioli, who has replaced David Walliams.

He had his head set on fire by a magician during one act and in another he was shot with a crossbow by Tonioli, which he turned into a prank by pretending to be hurt.

‘I stupidly said, ‘In principle you can do whatever you want with me.’ So they took me at my word and set my head on fire, although I didn’t know that was happening at the time,’ he said.

‘But I think that should be the future of the show, that it’s unpredictable, silly, funny and emotional – especially unpredictable.’ 

Miss Holden, 52, who has been the subject of Ofcom complaints due to her revealing outfits on the show, said that she won’t be covering up anytime soon.

‘My two girls and my husband Chris are often there for my fittings and they never say, ‘You’re flashing too much flesh,’ she said.

‘If Simon and Bruno are allowed to flash their man boobs, I’m going to flash my ‘Amanboobs.’

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