Old Steve Aoki Cake Video Surfaces, Wheelchair 'Boy' Wanted It

steve aoki

An old video of Steve Aoki chucking a cake at a guy in a wheelchair is making the rounds again — and while people are already quick to dogpile him … the outrage should stop here.

The Fight Club Videos Twitter account surfaced a clip Friday that’s taking off right now on the bird app — it shows the famed DJ throwing a pastry out into the crowd (like he normally does) and hitting a dude who was raised up in a wheelchair … right in the face.

The Twitter account that posted this — which literally just aggregates and publishes crazy clips — described this incident in rather ominous terms … and without any context whatsoever. They wrote, “Steve Aoki (DJ) threw a cake 80 ft and hit boy in wheel chair.”

First, this is an ancient video from 2013, when SA performed at the Veld Festival in Toronto. And more importantly, this is not a “boy” — AKA, a child — but rather … a grown-ass man. He also wasn’t the victim of anything, as Twitter is apparently quick to assume now.

There were some who saw this — again, out of context — and assumed what the Fight Club account floated was accurate … and that he’d intentionally aimed to hurt this disabled person. That, or they presumed Steve didn’t realize the damage he may have inflicted.

Fortunately, that’s not even close to the truth at all … if you watch the full clip, which Steve posted himself back then, you’ll the man asked to be hoisted up and wanted the cake

Steve simply obliged, and even snapped a shot with him afterward. So, it was all kosher.

Crisis (and potential cancelation) averted, y’all.😅

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