Onscreen Meghan Markle Look-Alikes Unite in Ultimate 'Royal' Selfie

If Meghan Markle ever returns to acting, we know who she could hire as her body doubles!

Actresses Tiffany Smith and Parisa Fitz Henley have already perfectly taken on the Duchess of Sussex’s likeness for the small screen.

Prior to the premiere of Lifetime’s latest film, Becoming Royal, Smith, 36, who portrays the American princess in the film about the days leading up to her royal wedding, got together with Fitz-Henley, 42, who also took on the role as Archie’s mother in the film, Harry and Meghan: A Royal Romance.

The two TV Meghans, who greatly resemble the new royal mom, posed for a photo on Smith’s Instagram days before the Becoming Royal May 27 release.

“Continuing the celebration of all things #BecomingRoyal. I am Thankful for SO many things that this experience has brought into my life,” the Los Angeles-based actress wrote before saying of her look-alike, “And high on that list is getting to know this queen! Love you lady @parisafitzhenley”

Fitz-Henley responded to her friend’s post and said, “Tiffany I’m so grateful for you, your sweetness, your grace and sisterhood! I love how much space there is for warmth — and silliness! — in this world and in this business! So excited for you! Can’t wait to watch you shine as Meghan!!”

Prior to starring as Meghan in the newest Lifetime movie, Smith had her fair share of friends and strangers compare her to the duchess, revealing she was even mistaken for Meghan on a few occasions.

“I’d be going places in L.A. and more often than not, it was British people that would come up to me like, ‘You know who you look like?’” she told PEOPLE.

The former Suits star, who married Prince Harry in a royal wedding ceremony on May 19 of last year, has always been known for her effortlessly, natural beauty. So, while filming the Lifetime movie, Smith revealed that they stayed true to Meghan’s simple beauty aesthetic.

“It’s the least amount of makeup I’ve ever had to wear on set, which was awesome,” the actress explained, adding: “When we did hair and makeup it was nice because it still felt like me, just a tweaked version.”

And to prepare for her royal role, Smith said she also watched Fitz-Henley and Murray Fraser’s portrayal of Meghan and Harry in the previous Lifetime film.

“There’s obviously nerves taking on a role of someone who’s alive – and there’s nerves because the first film was so great,” she said. “Parisa and Murray did such a great job that we really wanted to do honor not only to Meghan and Harry but to the performances in the last movie.”

Becoming Royal aired on Lifetime on Monday, May 27,  and is now available to stream on Amazon Prime Video and iTunes.

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