Prince William Worried His Talks with Harry Will Go Public, Lacks Trust

Prince William and Prince Harry‘s attempts to mend fences after the Oprah interview have hit a roadblock — William wants their future conversations to remain private.

The elder Royal bro is reportedly concerned — and possibly peeved — that any talks he has with his little brother end up going public in the media, which is causing a major lack of trust.

To put it more bluntly, William’s “now worried that anything he says to his brother will be plastered over American TV” … according to the Vanity Fair report.

This seems to refer to Gayle King‘s recent reporting on “CBS This Morning” that Harry did speak to his brother and his father, Prince Charles, but that their talks were “not productive.” Gayle said she called Harry and Meghan Markle directly to get the info, and apparently … that’s very worrisome to the Duke of Cambridge.

Interestingly, we talked to Gayle this week in NYC, following her reporting on Harry and William’s chat, and she insists she’s not a mouthpiece for Harry and Meghan … she’s just a concerned friend checking in on them.

Albeit, a friend who anchors a major morning TV show. Either way, it seems she’s caught in the middle of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and Buckingham Palace … and the VF report says the Royal Family is concerned the story is “becoming a soap opera.”

Sorry, Royals … that ship sailed decades ago.

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