Princess Anne is the ‘hardest-working royal’ in 2023, with 457 engagements

Ah, time for the annual tradition of royal work analysis! The annual figures for “who are the most hard-working royals” in the British royal family have come out. The numbers are as I expected, with Princess Anne remaining as the hardest-working royal. Usually, Anne and her brother King Charles are in a competition to see who can fit the most royal engagements into a year. Anne won, beating her brother with 457 events compared to the king’s 425 engagements. The only surprise here (for me) was that Prince Edward really is picking up some slack, even though he barely gets any attention.

Princess Anne was the hardest working member of the royal family this year, carrying out 457 royal engagements, 32 more than King Charles.

According to an analysis of public events and official meetings by the Sunday Telegraph, the King ranked in second place, with 425 engagements, while his wife Queen Camilla came in fourth with 233. The Duke of Edinburgh was third with 297 engagements, and his wife the Duchess of Edinburgh was fifth, with 219 engagements.

Prince William and Princess Kate undertook 172 and 128 engagements respectively, with the majority of day-to-day public commitments carried out by royals well into or approaching retirement. The Duke of Gloucester undertook 172 engagements, the same number as William, and the Duchess of Gloucester undertook 117 engagements. The Gloucesters are 79 and 77 years old.

[From The Daily Mail & The Telegraph]

William and Kate’s numbers are really sad, even more so because you know they’ve both padded those numbers. They count phone calls and private meetings with their staff as “engagements.” They both disappear for weeks/months at a time, like it would be the biggest crisis in the world if they did one day of work during their kids’ school holidays. The fact that they basically do the same amount of work as the Gloucesters is so… funny and weird, I guess. I really can’t wait for the dominos to fall on all of this.

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