Priscilla Presley Hangs Out with Bam Margera

bam margera priscilla presley

In what many may consider a bizarre pairing, Priscilla Presley has ties to the ‘Jackass’ world — in none other than the troubled Bam Margera.

Elvis‘ widow — and the mother of the late Lisa Marie Presley — posed for some casual snaps posted Tuesday with the former skateboarder-turned-stuntman … who’s been on a downward trend lately in his personal life. BM posted two photos he’d taken with Priscilla.

bam margera priscilla presley

In both, it seems they’re just hanging out at someone’s house. For the first IG, Bam simply wrote … “Lunch with prescilla Presley.” Didn’t quite get the spelling right — but no harm, no foul we suppose.

The second caption read, “Priscilla Presley watching Phoenix the wolf.” You can see PP staring at something and Bam looking on with glee — it’s unclear if she’s checking out a photograph or a screen, but he’s suggesting she’s taking a gander at his 5-year-old son, Phoenix Wolf Margera.

navarone garibaldi lisa marie presley

While this appearance together might seem like it’s coming out of nowhere, it’s not really … Bam’s actually friends with Lisa Marie’s half-brother — and Priscilla’s son — Navarone Garcia.

Of course, seeing Bam with Priscilla during such a tumultuous time in both of their lives is a little worrisome — at least on its face. As we’ve reported … Priscilla is challenging a trust LMP had tinkered with before she died, putting daughter Riley Keough in charge instead of her.

Meanwhile, Bam’s been accused of falling off the wagon in his own sobriety battle.

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