Robert Plant Recalls Declaring Himself A ‘Golden God’

Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant recalls calling himself “a golden god” during a party for bandmate and drummer John Bonham.

During an interview with Rolling Stone, the singer was asked why he had referred himself as a “golden god” during that birthday party. He replied, “Whatever was said from minute to minute was just sheer comic entertainment most of the time in those early Led Zeppelin days.”

“And I think it was in the middle of some ridiculous moment, maybe even Bonzo’s birthday party somewhere up in Beverly Hills, where somebody had made John a three-tier birthday cake. We were at some event and John was showing it round the room, and he showed it to somebody, I think it was George Harrison who karate-chopped the cake. Bonzo decided that there was something that needed to be done about that, and there was all sorts of scuttling, and it was just another one of those boyish prank-type of events going on,” he continued.

“And it just seemed that the only thing that was missing was somebody to actually round the whole thing up with even more nonsense. So I just opened my arms and just proclaimed that. And then I think a piece of cake sadly lodged somewhere on the end of my nose or something,” he added.

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