Ruth Bader Ginsburg Leaves Everything to Kids & Housekeeper in Will

Ruth Bader Ginsburg gave everything she had in her possession to her children and, interestingly enough, one of her trusted longtime employees … TMZ has learned.

We’ve obtained a copy of the late Supreme Court Justice’s will … and it lays it out in precise detail who’s getting what from her near $6 million estate. According to the docs, RBG is leaving the majority of her personal effects to her 2 kids, Jane and James Ginsburg, who she also made executors of her will.

Per the will, her personal property includes — but isn’t limited to — any cars, furniture, books, art, sculptures, paintings, photographs, silver, porcelain, jewelry and clothes in her possession … and all that stuff is lumped together and valued at $250,000.

She has other personal property that’s worth about $5.5 million — but there’s no breakdown of what exactly that entails.

As for the third person in her life to receive a cut … her housekeeper, Elizabeth Salas, to whom Justice Ginsburg left a cool $40,000 in cash. She was incredibly close to RBG, and even sat seat next to Biden when the Justice lied in state at the Capitol Rotunda last year. She reportedly worked for RBG for 22 years.

Keep in mind — what’s listed here is simply RBG’s probate estate … we don’t know if she had other assets in a private trust separately.

She was 87 when she passed. RIP

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