Sex And The City Revival Will Be Missing ANOTHER Major Character!

Are things truly better left in the past? Some fans may think so, because the Sex and the City revival is now down another essential character! While we have all been grieving the loss of Kim Cattrall’s Samantha from the HBO Max series And Just Like That, Page Six learned another BIG disappointment is in the works for viewers.

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After years of a tumultuous romance on screen, it looks like Mr. Big and Carrie Bradshaw’s marriage is officially over (or at least likely on the brinks) since Chris Noth will not reprise his role. As die-hards no doubt remember, Noth played Sarah Jessica Parker’s love interest throughout six seasons of the hit drama. Their romance was also featured prominently in the films, including a dashed wedding attempt in the 2008 movie and a happily ever after ending in the 2010 sequel as the pair committed to working on their marriage. So after ALL that, they’re just done??

See, this is the problem with so many new reboots and revivals these days. While all viewers really want is to feel the nostalgic love of their favorite characters, we can never really recreate the originals. But we digress…

Because we really do think this revival could be exciting (especially if the creative team does increase the diversity of the storytelling as they’ve expressed a desire to), we won’t leave you on such bummer news. There is a smidge of hope for one last beloved character.

While David Eigenberg is yet to ink a deal with the streaming service, a representative told the outlet the actor is in negotiations to appear in the reboot to reprise his role of Miranda Hobbes’ love interest Steve Brady. We can probably count him out as a series regular at this point, but we’re really hoping he gets some good screen time (even if it’s only an appearance here and there). The couple first met in season two and through a course of complications (we won’t spoil all the fun if you haven’t seen the classics yet), they remained together.

This leaves us wondering — will another relationship come to a devastating end if Steve doesn’t make it onto the show or will the writers figure out a way to tackle a long-distance romance? Is Big’s absence a hint at a major plot line involving Samantha being axed from the close-knit group?

Spill your predictions in the comments (below)!

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