Singer hits back at cruel trolls who criticised her ‘saggy’ boobs on red carpet

There were lots of incredible fashion moments at the BET Awards 2019 – from Lil Nas X's blue cowboy chic look to Rihanna strutting her stuff in her own designs.

But one outfit that really got people talking was singer Tanerélle's low-cut dress by Batani-Khalfani, though most people weren't discussing the style or type of fabric.

Instead, trolls on Twitter began criticising the way the garment exposed the woman's chest – and how it showed off her "saggy" breasts.

Many quickly began asking her if she'd forgotten to put on a bra or use tit tape, as they thought her boobs didn't look "perky" enough.

But the singer hasn't put up with the hate and hit back at those who were negative about her body, telling them to go and "focus on better things".

In a post on Twitter, she wrote: "To all the negative comments about today's look, I don't need to lift my breast to wear a f***ing dress.

"I'm a woman and my natural tits hang and I f***ing love it and I have no intention of changing it to suit your gaze. I'm out here living my dreams, focus on better things."

Her tweet quickly went viral, with more than 285,000 people liking it and over 59,000 retweeting.

She later shared a screenshot of the post on Instagram , where she added a very powerful message in the caption.

"According to some I missed a critical step yesterday when getting ready," she said. "What they don't know is that I literally had a fat a** piece of tape stuck from the bottom of my boob to the top of my shoulder, looked at it and made a conscious decision to take it off because I love the way my natural breasts looked in comparison to the 'perfect' option.

"Last time I checked what I thought about how I looked was all that mattered, so I'm gonna keep going with that cause it'd be f***ing impossible to please EVERYONE when it comes to ME."

Tanerélle added: "I can't be everyone's favourite and I don't wanna be, but as long as I'm able to go home and feel yummy about myself, especially from the self hate that I've spent my life growing out of… I'm f***ing GOOD.

"This reminder of socialised minds in regards to a woman's body always rocks me a bit, but it's not gonna knock me down. It just intensifies my mission of pushing self-care and self-love even more.

"Your body, no matter what it looks like is doing all it can everyday to keep you alive and thriving, that to me deserves all the love and care I can give."

A whopping 32,000 people have liked her Instagram comment so far, with lots of fans sharing their support.

One said: "You couldn't have said it better Queen!"

Another replied: "Amen amen amen amen amen."

A third added: "Powerful message, thank you!"

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