Taylor Swift spent her pre-birthday with friends in NYC, at Zero Bond & a wine bar

Taylor Swift turns 34 years old today. Happy birthday to her. Thirty-four years old, enjoying the best professional year of her life, making billions of dollars, Time Magazine’s Person of the Year, and dating a cute football player. Speaking of, Taylor didn’t spend her pre-birthday night with Travis Kelce. She flew back to New York (from Kansas City) on Monday or Tuesday, and then last night she was out with her friends, Miles Teller and his wife Keleigh, plus Selena Gomez joined that at some point.

Miles wore the bro uniform of jeans, flannel and trucker hat, while the ladies were dressed up for a night out. They went bar/restaurant hopping, hitting up Zero Bond and then Parcelle Wine Bar, and then maybe a third location, I’m not entirely sure. The paparazzi trailing them said that Taylor was back home by 12:30, so she probably did get to toast her birthday with her buds. I wonder how Miles Teller felt being the only dude in the group. Is he “one of the girls” in those situations?

Interestingly enough, Taylor enjoyed this night out instead of attending the Time Magazine POTY gala, which was also held last night. Reportedly, Travis was/is planning some kind of birthday celebration for Taylor, but I think it’s interesting that she’s in NYC for her birthday and not Kansas City. I wonder if Travis is flying up today?

As for Taylor’s outfit… for someone so rich, how does she have so many misses? The trench coat is the wrong color and those man-repeller platforms are ghastly. I wish Travis would style her, because I think he could do a better job with it.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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