Teen Mom's Jenelle Evans Hit With Gag Order – Defending Alleged Abuser David Eason Upset Jace!

Jenelle Evans is being forced to STFU — after she wouldn’t stop defending her scary husband!

The Teen Mom star has been hit with a gag order amid her son Jace‘s case after all her public comments about the legal drama have started to negatively impact him. Oof!

According to a source for The US Sun, a judge is expected to sign off on the order on Monday afternoon after Child Protective Services argued the 14-year-old was experiencing emotional distress by his mother posting about his “mental health” — and of course siding with his alleged child abuser, David Eason. The insider, who is not involved in the legal drama, revealed CPS first requested the gag order last week.

Jace’s biological father, Andrew Charles Lewis, who hasn’t been in his life, was also contacted by CPS and ordered to stay quiet. He told the outlet:

“Can’t talk about it. Period. It’s been officially gagged sorry.”

It’s unclear what consequences the parents could face if they break the rules, but fines and even jail time are common when regular people violate gag orders.

As Perezcious readers know, this comes after David was accused of child abuse toward his stepson, who was removed from his home after running away several times in the fall. When the charges were announced, the reality star told DailyMail.com “the police are looking into the wrong person right now” and claimed her son’s “mental health” struggles were the real issue, saying:

“There is a vile situation going on and it’s not pertaining my husband. This story is one-sided and no interviews were conducted asking what happened when the ‘incident’ occurred. I cannot say any details at this time because this is about my son’s mental health, not about my husband and I cannot stress that enough. Our time will come in court and we will have our day to present the evidence that has been adding up since 2017, and again it doesn’t have anything to do with my husband.”

Jenelle has also been on her social media frequently defending Eason. Some things never change…

Jace has been living with his grandmother, Barbara, who used to have custody of him. But last month he ran away again after she took his phone following some trouble at school. He will now be placed into foster care. David is expected in court on January 18th, so tensions are likely only going to keep rising.

This is obviously a very complex situation, but implementing a gag order seems like the best option to ensure the private matter stays private. Thoughts? Let us know (below).

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