The Kardashians: Hated By Wyoming Neighbors ALREADY!

Last week, we learned that Kim Kardashian wants to move to Wyoming.

Actually, it might be more accurate to say that Kanye West wants to move to Wyoming, and Kim has reached the stage where she figures it’s just easier to go along with his fantasies than to try and reason with him.

In talking about the planned relocation, Kim revealed that it wouldn’t be just her and Kanye moving to the Cowboy State.

No, they’ll be joined by her mother and sisters, as well:

“We love Wyoming. It’s always been an amazing place. My husband did just buy a ranch there,” Kim told Jimmy Fallon in a recent interview.

“His dream and his vision is to move there. I love L.A., so I envision summer, I envision some weekends, but yeah, we love it. It’s the prettiest place you’ve ever seen in your entire life.”

She added:

“It’s like, the prettiest place you’ve seen in your entire life. Even my sisters, everyone, we’ve had this dream of getting a ranch and just spending our summers there and getting away,” 

You might have noticed that Kim is placing a lot of emphasis on her intention to spend summers in Wyoming, which makes a lot of sense.

As much as she might enjoy furs and boots that cost more than your car, a week in Aspen is one thing — an entire 7-month winter in the middle of nowhere is quite another.

Insiders say the couple might soon find themselves at odds over this point, as Kanye would prefer to relocate to his ranch full-time.

Caught in the middle of the dispute are the residents of the town of Cody, who seem to believe that any amount of time the Kard clan spends in their fair state will be entirely too much.

The Kardashians make fairly frequent trips to Wyoming already, and it seems the simple folk who call Cody home are already fed up with their Hollywood ways.

Naturally, where Kim and Kanye go, the paparazzi are sure to follow, which means that since the time of their first visit, they’ve been annoying their neighbors by trailing a pack of photographers with them everywhere they go.

Local authorities say they’re powerless to do anything about the problem, as there’s “no law against chasing them or riding alongside them.”

“Residents are set in their ways,” a Cody Public Information Officer tells Radar Online.

“It’ll be a learning curve for them to get used to the way people are around here.”

The town spokesperson goes on to confirm that residents are concerned about what effect the Kardashians might have on life in Cody.

“It is a quiet place,” he says.

“There are some who are upset about the move. Some are apprehensive.”

The representative adds:

“Because of their notoriety and headlines, people are scratching their heads.”

“People don’t like when you move from out of state and try to change the way the people are around here. The residents are down to earth and private.”

But while the information officer admits that there’s some reticence about Kimye coming to town, he also claims the reports about upset “neighbors” are overblown — as the Kardashians have no neighbors to speak of.

“Most people feel like me,” he says.

“They’re far enough out of town and they have no neighbors. I hope they enjoy their ranch.”

So Kanye might be spending most of his year on a desolate ranch in the middle of nowhere?

Sounds like Wyoming’s loss is the rest of society’s gain!

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