Theory Of A Deadman Drop ‘Say Nothing’ Title Track

Theory of a Deadman have dropped the title track from their upcoming new album, Say Nothing.

In the album, the Canadian rock band’s frontman Tyler Connolly sings about current hot topics, including America’s current political divisions, racism, domestic violence and depression.

But this particular song revolves around Connolly’s abandoned relationship with his ex-wife.

“The marriage didn’t work and one of the issues was I could not communicate. I think that’s the problem in a lot of relationships — there’s no communication. It’s a huge issue,” Connolly told Billboard.

“I think I talk a lot more now than I used to; I’m single now, but I think my next relationship will be a lot healthier because I’ve learned how to talk more,” he added. “I hope so, anyway.”

Say Nothing, which is Theory of a Deadman’s seventh studio album, is scheduled for release on January 31.

(Photo: Jimmy Fontaine)

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