These 20 ‘Grinch’ Zoom Backgrounds Will Transport You To Whoville

While it’s been 20 years since Jim Carrey first terrorized Whoville as the Grinch, Mt. Crumpet’s green-hued resident still manages to steal fans’ hearts every holiday season. Whether you’re trying to keep those grinchy vibes at bay or fully embracing your inner grumpy recluse, these How the Grinch stole Christmas Zoom backgrounds will virtually transport you to Whoville from your couch — "be it ever so heinous, there’s no place like home." From photos of baby Grinch to a roast beast feast, these iconic scenes from the 2000 movie are pretty much guaranteed to make your heart grow three sizes.

As much as we all try to tap into the spirit of the Cindy Lou Whos of the world during this time of year, we all have those grinchy moments where we relate more to the cranky recluse. If you feel like you’re channeling the misunderstood character during your next early morning call or lengthy Zoom meeting, there’s no better time to whip out one of these backgrounds. These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the Grinch scenes you could pull out for your next video call, so give yourself permission to leave your Christmas cheer at the door and book an appointment to wallow in self pity and stare into the abyss, thanks to one of these memorable moments.

1. Grinch Chilling In His Lair

Who doesn’t relate to "Am I just eating because I’m bored?"

2. Moody Mt. Crumpet

Swap out your scenic Alps Zoom backdrop for this Mt. Crumpet shot.

3. Cindy Lou Who Meets The Grinch

While the Grinch insists he wasn’t trying to save Cindy Lou in the packaging room, the incident piques her interest.

4. The Grinch As A Green Baby

Before there was baby Yoda, there was baby Grinch.

5. The Grinch First Starts Hating Christmas

This scene of the Grinch in school shows he’s already an outsider.

6. The Grinch Gives Martha May Whovier A Christmas Present

One of the most heartwarming and heartbreaking scenes of the movie is when the Grinch gives his crush an angel he made.

7. Whoville Framed By Mt. Crumpet

Mt. Crumpet’s iconic shape looks great framed against all the twinkling lights of the town below.

8. The Grinch Putting A Pillow Over His Head

Hit snooze too many times this morning? This grumpy Grinch scene is so relatable.

9. Max Holding The Award Letter

The Grinch’s loyal sidekick gently nudges him to make an appearance at Whoville.

10. The Grinch Accepting The Award

Unfortunately, all hell breaks loose when the Grinch is reunited with Martha May and realizes he’s being made fun of.

11. Mt. Crumpet During Operation Steal Christmas

The Grinch’s lair is transformed into a workshop as he plots how to steal Christmas from the Whos.

12. The Grinch As Santa Clause

Mt. Crumpet’s solitary resident decides to try being the man in red for one night.

13. The Grinch Steals Christmas

There are countless screenshot-worthy scenes from this sequence, including the Grinch trying to go down a chimney upside down.

14. The Grinch With The Tree

The Grinch almost rethinks his evil plan when he’s confronted by Cindy Lou.

15. Whoville at Christmas

This is a great shot of the town before all the lights start going out.

16. The Grinch Returns Christmas

Luckily for all the Whos, the Grinch has a change of heart and realizes, "Maybe Christmas doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more."

17. The Grinch Brings The Presents Back

Not only does the grumpy recluse return everything he stole and apologize, but he also wins back Martha May.

18. Mt. Crumpet All Decked Out

The Whos take the Christmas celebration to the Grinch’s lair, which has now been decorated with Christmas lights, a tree, and countless decorations.

19. The Grinch Carving Roast Beast

The Grinch is finally accepted by the residents of Whoville as he carves a roast beast with Martha May, Cindy Lou, and Max by his side.

20. Cindy Lou & Max

Cindy Lou and Max are two of the film’s most likable characters, so it’s fitting the final scene of the movie is the young Who sneaking the pup some food from the table.

Again, this is just the tip of Mt. Crumpet when it comes to all the Carrey expressions and scenes you could choose from, giving you the perfect excuse to rewatch the holiday classic when you’re in a bad mood and tell yourself, "Cheer up, dude. It’s Christmas."

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