This Video Of An Emu Playing In A Sprinkler Has People On Twitter Crying Tears Of Joy

The internet can be a horrible, vile, and absolutely cringeworthy place sometimes, but every now and then it gives the world something truly wonderful. Whether it’s a cute video of a baby laughing or a picture of a tiny puppy eating a massive bowl of kibble way too fast, sometimes the world wide web can be a great thing. I was reminded of this when I saw Twitter’s most recent adorable animal video featuring an excited emu and a sprinkler. This video of an emu playing in a sprinkler has people on Twitter crying tears of joy, so stop everything you’re doing and watch it ASAP.

On Jul4 24, 2019, Twitter user @SlenderSherbet posted an unbelievably adorable video on his Twitter of an emu running around and playing with the steady stream of water coming out of a sprinkler. @SlenderSherbet captioned the video, "I don’t normally post political tweets but this emu playing with a sprinkler is very important." LOL, clearly the caption was meant to be a joke, but TBH, if an emu being charmed (and slightly frightened) by a sprinkler is the new "politics," then I am so here for it.

In a second tweet he added, "Also actual footage of me when I walk into a cobweb." The video starts off with the emu approaching the stream of water coming out of the sprinkler, as if to investigate more closely. Very quickly, it starts hopping and running around the stream, making it look like the emu is playing with the sprinkler or doing an elaborately choreographed dance with the water. The entire 30-second video is a delight to watch, but don’t take my word for it — check out this seemingly-delighted emu for yourself.

Needless to say, Twitter went wild over this summertime emu. Twitter user @barry_lish_ish described the video as "pure joy" and Twitter user @kjwernz said, "[T]his is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen." Twitter user @asrieltfox said pretty much what everyone’s thinking, writing, "This emu playing with a sprinkler has definitely caught my attention, and I agree that this is very important to society and that they must see this."

Since the emu doesn’t appear to touch the water at any point during the video, many Twitter users made jokes about what the emu and the water represent for them. For example, Twitter user @Gunther_7 wrote, "The Emu = Me, The Sprinkler = Commitment." Another Twitter user, @Turn2Dude tweeted, "The emu represents teenagers. The water sprinkler represents chores," which feels pretty true to my experience as a teenager.

There were also a surprising number of tweets related to politics and the emu. Twitter user @BrittneyChristy, for example, wrote "Sprinkler Emu 2020," and Twitter user @mayhall_diana echoed the sentiment. Twitter user @stevehansen took it a step further, writing, "If I’m elected president, I promise that every American will have an emu and a sprinkler."

And then there were the people who were just purely delighted by the whole thing.

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to spend the rest of my day and my entire weekend watching this video and forcing all my friends to watch it, too. Thank you, sweet emu, for the laughs.

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