TikTok’s Alix Earle Splits from Baseball Player Tyler Wade, Explains What Went Wrong

Alix Earle has confirmed that she has split from baseball player boyfriend Tyler Wade after three months of dating.

The 22-year-old TikTok star, who is known for her “Get Ready With Me” videos, went on TikTok Live and confirmed the news after fans noticed that Tyler hadn’t been featured in some of her recent posts.

Alix explained what led to their split and it had to do with social media.

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“We haven’t been together for a hot minute. I’ve just been hiding it from you guys because I didn’t feel like dealing with it right now. Even stuff I posted of me and my boyfriend—we were not even dating like a week or two ago,” Alix said on the live stream, according to E! News.

Alix the explained how Tyler wouldn’t post pictures of her on social media, even though she was sharing pics and videos with him.

“We have been fighting for a bit. I just was not happy with the way I was feeling. He wouldn’t post me,” she said. “We went to a wedding and got all these good photos together and two selfies of him, and he was like, ‘Oh how many pictures should I post?’ and I was thinking, ‘Aw he’s going to post me.’” 

For those who don’t know, Tyler, 28, is a baseball player who has most recently played for the Los Angeles Angels and the New York Yankees.

You can see some of Alix and Tyler‘s videos together below…

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