Tori Spelling: I Could Never Be a Real Housewife!

Tori Spelling has gone ahead and shot down a rumor that basically she started.

For several months now, the former Beverly Hills 90210 actress has been linked to The Real Housewives franchise, partly because Spelling is desperate for money and partly she apparently gets off while watching these shows. 

Just last week, meanwhile, there was a report that Spelling was angling Andy Cohen to land her a spot on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

This chatter hit its apex after Fox announced that the Beverly Hills 90210 revival would NOT be returning for a second season, meaning Spelling would once again be in need of a paycheck.

Will it come from Bravo?

It doesn’t sound that way.

At a Disney On Ice Holiday Skating Party last Friday, Spelling talked about the possibility and made it sound like… it was never really a possibility.

“I do not want to be on the Housewives, I could never do that,” Spelling told Us Weekly at this event, explaining why in more detail as follows:

“I am like, ‘That drama …’ but, God, I love to watch it and I’m friends with them. I’m just like, ‘Nope, I just wanna watch it on TV.'”

In other words, Spelling thinks she’s just too gosh darn nice to be a part of this universe.

Spelling said back in August in an interview with Jenny McCarthy that she was “really sad” that her close friend and 90210 costar Jennie Garth had been approached to join the Real Housewives fo Beverly Hills cast — but she had not.

“I was born in Beverly Hills, so I have one thing going for me,” the awful actress said at the time. “I’m married with a lot of kids, drama follows me everywhere, they’ve never asked me!”

Maybe because no one really cares about Tori Spelling?

Sorry to be so harsh, but: Do you really care about Tori Spelling?

On Friday, Spelling reiterated to Us Weekly that the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is “one of my favorite shows, but not to be on, just to watch.

“As a viewer like everyone else. I could never. I would get eaten alive. I am too nice and a people pleaser to be, to get in those fights they get into.”

Does this mean Spellling’s reality television career is over?

Gosh, no. We can’t imagine that’s the case. She’s still very broke.

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