TOWIE’s Harry Derbidge claims ex-fiancé Dean Rowland ‘attacked’ him

Harry Derbidge has alleged he split from his fiancé Dean Rowland after he "attacked" him "because he was violent while under the influence of alcohol".

The pair were due to marry last year but were forced to cancel their nuptials twice due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, with Dean revealing the pair had split last month.

But 27 year old Harry has now made claims that Dean hit him while on a night out in London and shared graphic images of his injuries.

The former The Only Way Is Essex star Harry wrote on Instagram: "This is the real story… I was attacked in London (25/9/21) by my ex and that’s the real reason I left him…all I’ve done for the past 4 years is give everything I had to one person to end up being mentally and financially abuse …I’ve been the most amazing fiancé and I’ve gave my ex my last dime and he’s left me with nothing…. Here is the story….

"On the 25/9/21 I was attacked by my ex because he was violent while under the influence of alcohol (this happened a couple of times). I tried to resolve the situation but it ended up turning on me… he then pulled my side bag off of me and hit me full in the face which left me with a black eye and marked my neck, this all happened in Piccadilly Circus in public and he made me so scared i had no choice but to run away from him to get to safety…

"I ran without a phone, money or anything (because he had taken my bag and then decided to carry on drinking at he’s friend whilst I was left stranded). I had to find my own way home which took me 8 hours.

"No one would take me home because I didn’t have any money on me, I was left in the city without any means to get home and I was a scared…

"A few days later my ex and his sister called the police on me because I went into my own home with my family (that my business pays for) to collect my stuff including one of my dog’s… he’s sister called the police on me. But the police were more concerned with my injury’s and asked me did I want to press charges regarding the assault.. I said no because I was scared and to emotionally distraught.

"For the last 2 months I’ve been hidden away sad and scared but today I have finally found the courage to be honest and find the strength to see the person for who he truly is …. I was abused mentally, physically and financially by one man!!! No more… today I start putting myself first…

"No one should be alone in these situations and just remember we are all stronger than what we think. I’ve wanted to share my honesty. I’ve been treated bad by someone and from now on I’m back to me and I’m back to the Harry we all know and love… thank you and love you all."

Dean has denied the claims, commenting on Harry's post in a now deleted reply: "Let's be honest with everyone, you're a compulsive liar, you made up everything the night you came to MY HOUSE and stole one of my dogs. I didn't want you back in hence why you're so bitter.

"You're an alcoholic and a coke head and you're doing this because I told you I was gonna sell a story that you stole all the money out of our business account today.

"You really need to grow up. I'll be happy to set this record straight. And we wasn't together for 4 years it was 3 years. And tell everyone how you made me pretend we were adopting so you could get press. BYE."

A source told OK! at the time of the split: "Harry and Dean are done, it's over. Harry's absolutely devastated by what has happened but there's no way they could have stayed together.

"Harry's family, particularly his mum Karen, have been worried about him. They saw Dean as another son, part of their family. They welcomed him and they were all so excited for their wedding – this has broken them all.

"Things have turned a bit nasty now, which is only making it harder for Harry. But he'll be OK. He has amazing family and friends and he will move on from this."

OK! has contacted Harry and Dean's representatives for comment.

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