TOWIE’s Kirk Norcross says late dad Mick sent new ‘amazing’ girlfriend to him

Former TOWIE star Kirk Norcross has opened up about his new girlfriend and revealed how he believes his late dad, Mick, “put her in front of him for a reason.”

In a gushing post on Instagram, Kirk vowed to "spend the rest of my life" with Tanika Watkins, describing her as “amazing” and “strong.”

He wrote: “She is a strong, phenomenal, amazing person – and I know my dad has put this woman in front of me for a reason.

“I’m going to spend the rest of my life with this woman and I’m going to do everything in my power to be the best boyfriend, partner, fiancée or however it goes to this lady, because she is amazing.”

“I’ve been single for two years and I seriously didn’t think I’d find someone. But I finally have found someone who is as good for me as I am for them.”

He jokingly added: “Actually, she is probably a bit too good for me.”

Kirk had been single since his split from Danielle Louise Carr, with whom he shares his four-year-old son Harry.

The former TOWIE star is also dad to daughter Violett, five, with ex Holli Willis.

Tanika is mum to a little girl called Vogue, three, with her ex-husband, Welsh footballer David Cotterill.

Speaking of his dad Mick, who took his own life earlier this year: “Dad, sometimes I wish for you to come back but I don’t want you to suffer again. I know you are with me and I always love you and miss you with all my heart, until we meet again…”

Tragically, Kirk found Mick dead at his home in January and has since explained how he will “never get over” finding his dad and was too heartbroken to attend the inquest, which ruled he had taken his own life.

Reports from the inquest revealed how Kirk had to "damage to the property to get inside", and CCTV footage of him "smashing windows" at his dad's home was shown.

Reaching out to his followers in the wake of Mick’s death, Kirk urged people to reach out and talk rather than suffer alone in silence.

He said: “If I can stop one person from killing themselves, I have really made an impact in this world. I love you all.

"Be kind, be polite and be positive.

“You have got to let it out, you have got to talk. I know many people who have lost their fathers.

“But I'm trying to use this. You are not alone, if you want a chat let's talk and we can get through it together.”

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