Travis Scott Stops Couple From Fighting During Circus Maximus Tour

Travis Scott was the ultimate relationship counselor during his show in Miami Monday night … he prevented a couple’s meltdown from happening right in front of him!!!

The “Utopia” rapper halted his “Circus Maximus” tour inside the Kaseya Center — and had the stage lights shone on the couple after telling the crowd he saw them arguing throughout the show.

Travis told them whatever they were fighting about was small, and as long as they were under his watch … they were going to have big fun!!!

The woman was still clearly mad — Travis had to urge her several times to stand up just to receive her man’s hug, but they eventually hugged it out. All appeared to be well, at least for the moment.

The squabbling couple weren’t the only fans who benefitted from Travis’ goodwill.

Later in the show, he allowed a young fan to join on the harness as they turned up to the fan favorite “Utopia” track, “I Know?”

Let’s hope the couple’s car ride wasn’t too icy. Travis certainly tried to give them a reason to heat things up again.

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