UFC's Natan Levy Says He's Getting More Hate Since Calling Out Kanye's Antisemitism

Jewish UFC fighter Natan Levy says he’s getting more hate — but also a ton of support — since calling out Kanye West for his repeated antisemitism.

Levy, who was raised in Herzliya, Israel, met with the media on Saturday in Orlando after beating Genaro Valdez by unanimous decision and issued a stern warning to Ye.

“Kanye West, if you’ve got a problem with me or my people, come see me, bro.”

On Monday, 31-year-old Levy talked to TMZ Sports about the reaction to his remarks.

“My interview, most of the comments are antisemitic. Most of the comments say, ‘Hey, look, actually I think Kanye is right,'” Natan told us.

Levy says that’s nothing new … but the sheer amount of messages he’s received since going at Kanye has increased.

“I’m always getting a lot of hate just for being who and what I am, which I’m fine with. It’s not fun, but, right now I’m getting more.”

But, it’s not all bad.

Levy v Valdez

“I’m also getting a lot of love. There is also a lot of positive out there. I’m getting a lot of love. A lot of reinforcement. I’m getting a lot of friends, a lot of people who speak up. Post the video and share it and saying ‘stop the hate.'”

Kanye West Praises Hitler and Nazis in Mental Breakdown on 'Infowars'

Kanye West Praises Hitler and Nazis in Mental Breakdown on 'Infowars'

Of course, West’s antisemitism has become almost routine. He’s gone as far as to praise Hitler and the Nazis on Alex Jones‘ show last week. He’s also hung out with white nationalist Nick Fuentes.

“Just think about how many Jewish kids will get bullied because of [Kanye’s] comments. How many Jewish people will get attacked. The hate speech, it does turn into violence.”

Natan says while Ye’s behavior is incredibly dangerous for reasons he just stated, he’s not the only one … but Levy’s had enough of turning the other cheek.

“Ya know, Kanye is a really small part of the problem. The big thing is I’m putting my foot down. No more provoking us. No more talking down to us. I’m the frontman and I’m saying this is it.”

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