Vanessa Feltz reveals she has now gone out 330 nights in a row after devastating split

Vanessa Feltz has been out living her best life for 330 nights in a row and claims that finding a man "is a numbers game". The 61-year-old has revealed she isn't looking for love but thinks she will eventually find "something nice".

The This Morning agony aunt was in a relationship with Ben Ofoedu, 50, for over 16-years, but called off their romance back in January after discovering he had cheated on her with multiple women. The blonde beauty now confirms she's not in a rush for something serious and doesn't have a certain criteria for a man.

While living a single life, Vanessa has become a social butterfly and recently launched her new clothing company – 4Love – and fills her evenings with family and friends. Speaking to MailOnline, the TV icon has opened up about her life nearly one after her split from Ben.

Vanessa said: "It's not easy, and it does take guts. I've told people millions of times 'it's a numbers game' and I do believe that.

"I mean you go on as many dates as you can and you might eventually find something nice. And that is what I am doing, I am doing my best."

Since her devastating split earlier this year, Vanessa has dipped her toes into the dating pool but someone is yet to take her interest. Although she would like a companion, she also confirms she isn't looking for a particular type.

"I just want somebody who has got something about them. Just a thing, you know", Vanessa told the publication, "They don't have to be handsome. They don't have to be a particular profession."

She added: "They don't have to, but just something like a twinkle in the eye and a giggle and a joke and a something, you know, because some people are very, very flat and sort of straight, you know, they do."

Vanessa also explained that while conversation's during dates are so "kind" and "polite", they aren't exciting.

While the TV star is facing her first Christmas as a single woman, she will be enjoying the festive season with her family.

The fashionista will be travelling to Ireland to see her grandchildren and will be having a 'traditional' Christmas complete with matching pyjamas.

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