‘Very disrespectful’ Mark Ronson sorry for disgusting act at Tom Cruise wedding

We’ve all been there… that moment when you feel you might be sick at your best friend’s wedding after a few too many sherries.

So spare a thought for Mark Ronson who actually did drunkenly throw up at Tom Cruise’s 2006 nuptials to Katie Holmes.

And it’s not even like they are real mates, as Mark had been hired by Hollywood action hunk Tom, 56, to DJ on the night at a swanky Italian castle. How very awkward.

He explains: “The person I was most starstruck by was probably Tom Cruise.

“But I got really drunk. And there’s ­something about when I am DJing, I do not realise when I am drunk, so I keep drinking.

“The minute the music stops, I start spinning, so I threw up all over the castle.

“It was in the Italian countryside and it was very disrespectful. And I am sorry to Tom.”

Mark’s highlight before his blackout was having Tom ­exercise his imaginary guns on the dance floor.

He adds: “It was an amazing wedding. I was mixing the Top Gun theme with things and he was shooting the guns with me. And it was cool.”

Thankfully, knob twiddler Mark, 43, stayed sober enough to DJ at Paul McCartney’s wedding in 2011.

Reflecting, he says: “There was this moment where I was playing wedding tunes like Beyonce ’s Crazy In Love. And then I was like… is it cool to play The Beatles, do I play Paul? I played it and they all went crazy.”

Sounds like The Long And Winding Road to fun…

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