Vicky Pattison slams Caitlyn Jenner for ’tactless’ comment about Kate Garraway

Geordie Shore star Vicky Pattison has slammed Caitlyn Jenner for making a rather cheeky comment about Kate Garraway’s appearance in the I’m A Celeb jungle.

The reality megastar and the TV host began chatting about Caitlyn’s transition from male to female, when she suggested that Kate should go under knife to make her facial features more lady like.

Caitlyn explained that a characteristic of a female face is a smaller space between the nose and top lip than on a male.

The Olympic athlete then went on to tell Good Morning Britain star Kate, “It’s less on women although you have quite a bit.

“You are the exception, I’m sorry, but don’t worry we can fix it!”

Having witnessed the rather awkward moment, sassy Newcastle native Vicky weighed in to back up Kate.

Writing for The Sun, Vicky explained, “I was totally dumbfounded when Caitlyn suggested she ‘knew someone’ who could ‘fix’ Kate’s nose for her.

“I honestly believe Caitlin is a lovely lady and meant no malice by it, but it’s still a tactless comment to make!”

Praising Kate for taking the comment on the chin, VP added, “I reckon living in LA for years with a family who are incredibly familiar with surgical procedures has desensitised her to the seriousness and gravity that should surround cosmetic surgery.

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“Kate Garraway laughed it off and dealt with the comment like a true lady of course, but it still left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth.

“In this day and age, with so much negativity, hate culture and social media pressure shouldn’t we be lifting each other up?

Teaching young women that they’re beautiful as they are? Empowering and supporting one another? I’m sure it was a joke and I know Garraz won’t have taken any offence – she’s one tough cookie after all.”

Complimenting Kate’s natural looks, Vicky went on, “But I just wanted to say: Kate Garraway, I think you’re a BABE! And your nose is PERFECT as it is!”

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