Wendy Williams Looks Healthy in New IG Post Despite Report Her Health Is ‘Failing’

The former ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ host, who’s battling mental and physical health issues, has reportedly been struggling to ‘stop drinking’ which is ‘just making her health worse.’

AceShowbizWendy Williams has seemingly proven that she’s doing fine. The former “The Wendy Williams Show” host looked good and healthy in a new social media post after it’s reported that her health is “failing” as she “can’t stop drinking.”

On Sunday, September 11, the 58-year-old gossip queen’s “The Wendy Experience” podcast posted a series of her new photos. In the said pictures, she posed with a big grin while wearing a black top under an orange blazer. “Self LOVE is the Best LOVE…,” read the caption of the post.

The snapshots came just one day after The Sun reported that Wendy has been struggling to stop drinking and her health is failing. “Wendy can’t stop drinking, she just can’t,” a close to the former daytime talk show host told the outlet. The insider went on to say that she “lives like she thinks she’s a baddy, she’s always felt that way but her body isn’t saying that nowadays.”

A second source close to the former TV personality said they believe her “health is failing” as a result of her continued issues with drinking, which she had admitted to previously. “She can’t stop drinking and she needs to stop drinking; it’s just making her health worse,” the second insider added.

In early August, Wendy publicly passed out in a New York City storefront window, next to a filled-to-the-brim champagne glass. Two weeks later, Wendy was spotted looking disoriented while stepping out for cigarettes and a bottle of Ketel One vodka.

It’s also reported that Wendy’s mental health is “far worse than people realize.” A source told Daily Mail on August 15, “Wendy’s life and her situation are far worse than people realize. She has been plagued with serious health challenges.”

Wendy’s manager William Selby doubled down on the reports as saying, “Look at everything Wendy has lost. She’s lost her mother, she’s lost her show, she’s gone through a divorce, she’s lost her son to college. She has lymphedema, thyroid issues, she’s 58 years old.” William added, “We’re used to seeing Wendy prepped and on camera but what you’re seeing now is Wendy raw. She’s going to have bad days.”

A separate source close to Wendy spilled that many of the gossip queen’s troubles are “a direct result of untreated alcohol addiction.” It’s also said that Wendy’s addiction “worsened during her stint in rehab for cocaine addiction in 2019 during her separation and divorce” from her second husband, Kevin Hunter.

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