Will.i.am To Explore Crossroads Of Music And Tech On New SiriusXM Show

will.i.am is set to launch a new SiriusXM show, titled “will.i.am Presents the FYI Show,” in January.

The multi-Grammy Award winner will host the series on SiriusXM’s The 10s Spot (Ch. 11).

The new SiriusXM Show will be a unique exploration at the crossroads of pop culture, music, entertainment, world news, and technology.

SiriusXM said in its blog that the new show will feature “engaging conversations, humorous games, the latest music releases, and interviews with prominent figures shaping contemporary culture.”

“The FYI Show is a celebration of creators, innovators, and their dreams,” will.i.am said.

The show’s focus on AI innovation and AI-powered interactive projects will provide listeners with a deep dive into the world of artificial intelligence. Showcasing the latest advancements in AI, it will create a space for thought-provoking discussions and a closer look at the intersection of creativity and technology.

A special preview of the show, which will air in January, was recently recorded with will.i.am in front of a live audience at the SiriusXM Miami studios, offering subscribers a glimpse into the exciting content that awaits them.

“will.i.am Presents the FYI Show” airs on The 10s Spot (Ch. 11) on the SiriusXM app and car radios.

(Photo: Aubrey Gemignani)

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