6 Ways Chrissy Teigen Has Altered Her Appearance Over the Years: Plastic Surgery & More

Plastic surgery and cosmetic changes have grown very popular within recent years, especially with celebrities. Starlets like Dolly Parton, the Kardashians, and Katy Perry have been open about their procedures and are darn proud of them. While some frown about cosmetic surgeries, many celebrate it — as they should. If you can afford it and it’ll make you feel confident, then who cares? And that’s exactly what Chrissy Teigen believes.

While Teigen has been under fire this past year over resurfaced tweets showing her bullying model Courtney Stodden, she’s slowly made her return to the public eye — and she hasn’t sacrificed an ounce of her iconic bluntness and sass as she comes back into the spotlight. Teigen tells it like it is and says you should value and prioritize your comfort, and truthfully, that’s one reason we love her.

In her decade-plus in the spotlight, Teigen has never shied away from hard-to-discuss topics — like plastic surgery or other facial procedures she’s had done to feel more confident in her appearance. In 2017, she even famously quipped that “everything about me is fake except my cheeks,” pointing at her forehead, nose, and lips, per Byrdie.

While Teigen later classified the comment as a joke, there are a number of procedures she has come forward about, from fat removals to eyebrow transplants (yes, that’s a thing!). Read on to see every plastic surgery procedure and cosmetic change Chrissy Teigen has opened up about.



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