A Wander ‘Round the World

March 21 is the 80th day of 2021, and you’ve stumbled across a diary and a roughly drawn map of the itinerary of a mysterious traveler who seems to have journeyed around the world in that time.

To solve the puzzle, print out the map. Start in London. The diary offers clues to your next stop (warning: the traveler is a fan of puns). Once you think you know your next destination, fold the map so that its square lines up with your current square, and trace the correct path between them.

Keep your eyes out for animals you see along the path — the first letter of each animal’s name offers a clue to the name of the character you are following, while their penultimate letters help explain why the stops were chosen.

Finally, they say this traveler left a mark on the four corners of the world; as a fellow voyager, can you bring them out of the fog and into the fold?

Download a printable version of the puzzle here.

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