Blake Shelton Is Getting Out of Wedding Planning With Gwen Stefani With This Sexist Excuse

How many times have we heard it before, ladies? It’s not that men don’t want to help out more around the house or take a more active role in child care — it’s just that women are naturally so much better suited for it. They’re not slacking off, you see; they’re just delegating to our expertise. To which I say: Hah! Women become experts in bed-making and diaper-changing not from an innate, biological passion that burns from within, but from necessity, just as men would if saddled with the same tasks. And so when Blake Shelton jokes that he’s not participating in the wedding planning for his and Gwen Stefani’s upcoming nuptials because he’d just do such a terrible job if he did try, my hackles go way up. 

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