Can You Guess Which Royal Family Member Looks Best in FaceApp's Old Filter?

Now that FaceApp’s old filter has swept the nation, it’s time for our favorite celebs across the pond to get the same treatment. Since seeing all the celebrity FaceApp photos yesterday, we had to know what Meghan Markle and other royals look like FaceApp old-filtered — and the results don’t disappoint. We’re sure there’s lots of royal protocol that might prevent, say, Queen Elizabeth II from putting her face through a silly filter and posting it online. But what if she, like the rest of world, is curious what that might look like? That’s where we come in.

The royals we’ve selected for the FaceApp treatment, of course , nclude Meghan and Prince Harry, as well as Queen Elizabeth II, Prince William, Kate Middleton, and their three children: Prince George, Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte. We wanted to FaceApp a photo of baby Archie too, believe us — but at just a few months old, results were more sinister than anything else.

There aren’t any huge surprises on how these photos turned out, but we will say that it looks like Meghan and Kate are headed toward an exceptionally graceful aging process. As for Harry and William — well, they both look very stately in their old age, if not quite as ethereally youthful as their Duchess counterparts.

Here’s what the royal family will look like at around age 80, according to FaceApp’s old filter.

Meghan Markle

An ageless wonder.

Prince Harry

Obviously, a bit more visibly aged — but the hair doesn’t look half bad!

Now that we’ve covered the Sussex royals, let’s see how their counterparts are doing, shall we?

Kate Middleton

Whatever skincare routine these Duchesses are doing, we want it.

Prince William

Honestly, Kate and William make a handsome couple no matter what age.

Now, for the slightly more frightening…what happens when you put the 93-year-old Queen Elizabeth II through the FaceApp old filter? Or for that matter, the 1-year-old Prince Louis? Find out below.

Queen Elizabeth II

Prince Louis

Prince George

Princess Charlotte

Nothing like seeing an 80-year-old baby to brighten your Wednesday! We have a feeling this trend won’t stick around for too much longer — so please, if there are any other celebrities you’d like to see old-filtered before the week is out, let your opinions be heard.

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