Couple share unusual family announcement with hilarious photo shoot

Pregnancy photo shoots are becoming more and more common as people seek special ways to tell the world they're going to be parents.

But one couple decided to pose for a set of professional pictures to share a rather unusual family announcement.

Snaps taken by their photographer daughter show Amy and Randy English holding up a number balloon and posing with a chalkboard in the style of the popular 'reveal' shoots.

Instead of sharing a due date, they were actually announcing that they now have an 'empty nest' after their third child moved out.

Their daughter Haley Jones, 22, works as a nanny in Mississippi but has set up a photography business – Haley Marie Photography – on the side.

She told Mirror Online: "I have always had a passion for it and my parents pushed me to start my own business and I am forever grateful for that.

"I am moving out June 1st into my own apartment.

"I wanted to take a picture of my mom and dad outside of my apartment buildings office and then she suggested we wait and do them closer to time, and do an empty nester photo shoot.

"We had never seen one so we just threw it together.

"The funny signs were all my moms idea and I think that’s what really mad the pictures so funny.

"We took the photos right outside of our home in Pontotoc MS and we even included our dogs Marley & Buck. They are the favorite kids, if you ask my parents."

The couple also have two sons – Ethyn and Preston, who are both 25.

The unusual photos have been a huge hit and have been liked thousands of times.

Haley said: "I did not expect these photos to get so much attention. Maybe 20 likes at most.

"I am just now starting out professionally, and when I woke up this morning I had thousands and thousands of shares, comments, and new page likes which means the world to me.

"My business is getting out there which means I will be doing more of what I love. It’s truly surreal and I am very grateful."

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