Donald Trump’s Twitter Could Be Reinstated Soon Thanks to Elon Musk’s Latest & Most Bizarre Business Move Yet

Instead of making the final decision himself, Elon Musk has decided to leave the final decision on former President Donald Trump’s Twitter to the people.

On Nov 18, Musk shared a tweet that read “Reinstate former President Trump,” with a poll that people could vote on to decide if Trump should come back to the app or not. The last update showed that 52.3 percent of people voted for reinstating his Twitter, with over 10.5 million voters.

On Nov 19, Musk shared his opinion on the viral poll, saying, “Fascinating to watch Twitter Trump poll!”

Safe to say, everyone has an opinion on this business move, with some praising him for leaving it to the people, some vilifying him for even making it an option, and those that are just thinking to themselves, “Why are you leaving it up to an Instagram poll?!”

One Twitter user wrote, “Hey Elon Musk, your poll is a joke. It’s just a “Fake-Poll” . . . for an “Ex-Fake-President.” Trump is not welcome here.”

Another user talked about how they were for bringing Trump back, saying, “He’s the former president of the United States for goodness sake, how is this even a question. Banning Trump from Twitter should have NEVER happened, it’s probably the most embarrassing moment for US history besides Biden taking office! It’s a disgrace.”

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