Friends fans delighted to discover you can buy Chandler’s ‘flame’ trainers

An ASOS shopper has noticed something pretty brilliant about a pair of trainers currently being sold by the online retailer.

The company's destination chunky trainers in flame print happen to look a lot like shoes featured in an episode of Friends.

Being offered for £38, the bold foot wear is reminiscent of the prototype sneakers Chandler is tasked with marketing in episode 15 of season nine – The One with the Mugging.

This similarity was spotted by a Twitter user named Jasmin Katie, who posted side by side comparison shots of the shoes and wrote: "So is Chandler Bing advertising these for you ASOS or what?"

ASOS were quick to respond to the tweet, saying: "Could we BE any more thrilled with our new intern?"

Their post went viral, with more than 3,000 people liking it and hundreds retweeting it.

One person commented: "Whoever runs this account, I love you."

Another added: "Next you’ll have Ichiban, lipstick for men."

If you've watched every episode of Friends, you might recall the time Chandler decided to quit his job in Tulsa to spend more time with his wife and pals.

This saw him switch his career in statistical analysis and data reconfiguration to instead try his hand at advertising.

Initially he's wasn't very good, but somehow managed to nab himself an unpaid internship, where he found himself up against a number of much younger candidates for a copywriting position.

As part of this, Chandler, played by Matthew Perry, is tasked with coming up with a creative way to market a prototype sneaker – which also doubles as a pair of rollerblades.

"I have to come up with ideas on how to sell them," he explains to Monica, before adding that it's impossible because "no self-respecting adult would ever wear these."

Enter Joey Tribbiani.

Matt LeBlanc's character is instantly taken with the bizarre trainers, which feature a flame design, like the new ASOS ones.

He grabs the shoe, proclaiming, "Wow, it's like they're on fire", before pretending to have burned his hand on it and offering Chandler $500 for the pair.

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