Is This What Will Happen to Rebecca on 'This Is Us'?

We’ve already been told to basically expect the unexpected when it comes to season four of This Is Us. The new season is going to involve a lot of twists and turns, and it will go in a completely different direction than anything that fans have been predicting. There are going to be some new characters, for starters. But of course, the show will also dive back into fans’ most beloved characters, including Rebecca (Mandy Moore).

Last season’s “flash-forward” scene showed Rebecca decades into the future, not fully conscious and receiving 24/7 care. In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, Moore revealed that it will be a while before season four returns to the future to pick up on Rebecca’s story. And when it does, it will be close to the end of her days.

“We’re in the final throes of her life, the last couple of weeks, I would say,” Moore said. “You get that sense of urgency of the family gathering, for one reason or another, and in my mind, it’s to sort of say farewell.”

Milo Ventimiglia, who plays Rebecca’s late husband Jack, added that Rebecca’s end-of-life journey is among the most heartbreaking of all.

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