Kate Middleton Is Being Accused of Upstaging Meghan Markle at Archie's Christening

Another day, another drama for the royal family! The latest? Some fans are convinced Kate Middleton tried to upstage Meghan Markle by wearing Princess Diana’s earrings to Archie’s christening. Apparently, critics suspect that Kate’s choice of accessory was all part of an underhanded masterplan to take attention away from her royal sister-in-law on what was obviously a special day for her.

Let’s review the facts here. The Duchess of Cambridge chose to wear a pair of Collingwood Pearl drop earrings to baby Archie’s christening, and, while beautiful, you may be wondering: How were those earrings intended to upstage anyone? Well, there’s a backstory. The very earrings Kate wore were worn by the late Princess Diana to Prince Harry’s christening 35 years ago. If you ask us, that seems pretty sweet — as though Kate wanted to pay tribute to Diana and honor her royal brother-in-law in a sentimental way.

But if you ask the internet, you’ll find a lot of royal fans who feel as though Kate wearing the earrings was inappropriate. Some even went so far as to suggestthat  Kate must subconsciously want to take Meghan’s place, which is a whole new proverbial can of worms.



It’s worth noting that Kate could have offered the earrings to Meghan, who may have insisted Kate keep them and wear them instead (so, thoughtful gestures on both sides). For all we know, it was something Kate suggested as a sweet nod to Harry and baby Archie, and Meghan and Harry loved the idea. The point is, naturally, that we have no legitimate reason to believe the earrings caused any drama within the royal family. Was the choice polarizing among internet fans? Sure. But that’s the internet for you.

Despite only one group photo of the royal family at the christening being released, the portrait has certainly managed to stir up quite a bit of controversy. In addition to being unhappy with Kate’s earring choice, some fans took issue with William’s facial expression. “William looks like he smelled something terrible,” one fan wrote, with others describing his look as “so sour.”

Not only that, but body language expert Judi James claimed to MailOnline that both Will and Kate’s posturing was indicative of tension. James dubbed William’s pose reminiscent of “nightclub bouncer mode.” She noted that Kate looked “ready to flee.” However, James did also admit that the tension in Kate’s pose could “show a desire to lower her own status signals and not upstage [Meghan and Harry].”

In other words, it’s a family picture, y’all. When aren’t those awkward? As for the earrings, well, we’re keen to think of them as a kind tribute.

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