Laura Dern Brought Major BDE to 'BLL' This Week

[Warning: This article is full of spoiler-y info about BLL’s second episode of season two.]

If last week’s season two premiere of Big Little Lies seemed a little sleepy, it’s only because HBO was letting fans take a deep breath before being plunged into the depth’s of Monterey’s melodrama. This week’s second episode, titled “Tell-Tale Hearts,” totally delivered — and that includes serving up a Renata moment BLL fans are obsessing over. If we’re really being honest, Renata (played by the always phenomenal Laura Dern) gave us life in her every scene this week.

Things seem to start off on a high note for our high-octane career mom. Last week, she was peak #HBIC during a “women in power” photoshoot for a national magazine. At the start of this week’s episode, as she and her husband Gordon (Jeffrey Nordling) are enjoying an idyllic moment, she finds out her photos from that shoot are going to be on the cover of the biggest women’s magazine in the country. That joy turns out to be short-lived, though, because the feds show up and haul Gordon off for committing fraud. Fast forward to a few scenes later, when Renata visits Gordon in jail. And here’s where the magic happens, folks.

Seeming far too cavalier about the predicament, Gordon confesses that he has not only put their home in jeopardy but has also squandered both his and Renata’s fortunes away. They stand to be broke “by the end of the year,” he tells his wife. Cue Renata’s rage: “I will not not be rich!” she yells at him and, honey, it’s a whole mood.

To hell with groceries — we’ll be feeding off of that line all week long. Even better? It wasn’t even Renata’s only shining moment in this week’s episode. After she begrudgingly bails her lame husband out of jail and they’re driving home, she curtly turns the radio off. When Gordon points out that she used to like that song, Renata replies, “I used to like to sit on your face, too. You think that’ll happen again?” Y’all. This woman.

It goes without saying the internet had thoughts about all of Renata’s glory in episode two.







So, where does Renata go from here? What even does a world where Renata is poor look like? We’re fairly certain this woman without her Gucci fanny packs and multi-million-dollar views would create a wrinkle in the BLL universe from which no one could recover. If Gordon does go to jail, though, Renata might actually lose her entire fortune and her home (and her marriage but, ya know, she probably isn’t sweating that at this point).

For Renata, this is undeniably bad. For BLL fans, we’re going to selfishly celebrate just a little inside — because we need more Renata energy, and this scenario guarantees queen Dern will be giving us more than we can handle. Plus, does this mean Renata will have to bunk with one of the other Monterey Five for the time being? If Ed leaves Madeline (another story for another day), it might open the door for Renata to become her roomie. And, seriously, can you imagine?

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