Mark Consuelos Finally Addressed His Now Infamous Co-Hosting Debut With Kelly Ripa

Mark Consuelos has only been on the job at Live with Kelly and Mark for four days, but even he admits things haven’t been perfect. The 52-year-old actor revealed his thoughts on his new job and the criticism he and his wife, Kelly Ripa, have received on social media. 

Consuelos totally understands that there have been moments where the show goes “off the rails,” but it only leaves room for improvement because there’s another show the next day. “I can’t do tomorrow’s show now, I can’t do yesterday’s show over again,” he explained on Wednesday on SiriusXM’s The Jess Cagle Show with Julia Cunningham. “If it’s great, great. If it’s not so great, we’ll try better next time. And that’s been my approach. Just kind of be in the moment.”

That’s a pretty healthy approach given the amount of vitriol the couple has endured on Twitter in the wake of Ryan Seacrest’s exit from the daytime show. Consuelos loves “the first 20 minutes” of hot topics where he and Ripa share stories about their lives together. And yes, some topics are off-limits from the very amorous couple. 

“We often have conversations with us just looking at each other, like, ‘Are we gonna do this?’ Or ’No, we’re not doing this. Of course, we’re not doing this,’ he said. “So we have – we have that telepathy that married couples after 27 years kind of do.” Consuelos is asking for a bit of patience as he settles into the role because he and his wife will find the right rhythm eventually — just don’t expect perfection every day.

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