Meghan Markle Is Absolutely Glowing in This Early Peek at Her Pregnant With Baby #2

I will have whatever Meghan Markle is having, please. The royal formerly known as Prince Harry took a tour of Los Angeles on the The Late Late Show With James Corden, and it’s all anyone can talk about since it aired last night, given the mention of key details like Archie’s adorable first word and videos of Harry cursing, rapping, and showing off his rope-climbing skills. But Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex made an appearance on Corden’s show too, and somehow, from an iPhone, stole the show. When host Corden FaceTimed her via Harry’s phone (or “Haz,” as we now know Meghan calls him), newly pregnant Meghan came on to say hello, and she’s glowing like a freaking sunbeam. No, seriously. I’m pretty sure she’s emanating light.

Meghan popping up looking so radiant pretty much tracks with what Harry had to say during this conversation with Corden, which felt in many ways like a precursor to the highly candid Harry we’ve been warned to expect in the Sussexes’ segment with Oprah Winfrey next month. He described the royal family situation as “toxic,” and their exit as “what any husband and father would do” — a statement that distances him even farther from those in the royal family who haven’t made that same choice.

But as fraught as descriptions of their past life sounded, descriptions of their current life were equally serene. At home, Meghan likes to make organic waffles for Archie with the waffle maker gifted from granny and Harry gets to be a full-time dad. Egging her on to move into the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air mansion, Corden pushes Meghan to make a commitment, to which she replies: “I think we’ve done enough moving.”

The Sussexes are finally home — and this expecting mama isn’t going anywhere.

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