Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Bicker Too, According to This Video

Sunday’s Trooping the Colour marked the Duchess of Sussex’s first public appearance since giving birth to baby Archie. Both new parents seemed in remarkably high spirits — but now, a closer look at video footage from the day may show Prince Harry telling off Meghan Markle, revealing some friction between the two. (Perfectly normal between couples, TBH) Fans taking a closer look at Sunday’s event have taken to Twitter to share their theories about this seemingly tense exchange, and a lip reader confirmed to The Sun that Harry is telling Meghan to “turn around.” Here’s what we can tell from the video.

In the video, Harry and Meghan are standing on the balcony of Buckingham Palace and waiting for the national anthem to play. Meghan turns around toward Harry twice and appears to say something. Harry, who looks decidedly unamused, offers a few words in return. According to lip reader Tina Lannin, Harry is saying: “No he hasn’t. Oh fine. Turn around.” Twitter tends to agree: “Prince Harry telling Meghan Markle to turn around at #TroopingOfTheColour,” one tweet reads. “You can see him say something and then she spun it back around like a human tornado,” another says.

As The Sun points out, the national anthem started playing a moment later — so perhaps Harry was just ensuring Meghan was standing at attention. Another tweet agrees that it was an issue of proper conduct, but also suggests that Meghan looks rather upset by the exchange. “I see Meghan still doesn’t follow protocol. Harry had to correct her and tell her to face forward.. TWICE,” the tweet reads. “She eventually turned around and looked like she was going to start crying.”

If Meghan did have a few protocol slip-ups, surely it could be forgiven — she is, after all, the mother of a newborn in a very high-pressure situation. Hopefully, what we’re seeing is nothing more than the expected tension between two sleep-deprived new parents. Now that baby Archie has a nanny, let’s hope these two can catch up on sleep and return to their usual dynamic.

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