Sideswipe: January 19: I love my Lego leather jacket

A designer is suing Lego, accusing the company of making a “blatant copy” of his leather jacket for a new set. The new $100 Queer Eye Lego set is an homage to the Netflix show. Designer James Concannon has previously allowed it to showcase designs worn by cast member Antoni Porowski and the show always sought his permission and gave him credit. This didn’t happen with the leather jacket, but he let the oversight slide. Then, he caught wind of the new Lego set and noticed the leather jacket, which he says is clearly a copy of his design – the one he says Netflix used without his explicit permission. His lawsuit cites “the unique placement, co-ordination and arrangement of the individual artistic elements” and says Lego has been featuring the jacket in ads for the new set. Lawyers for Netflix argue that permission was implied. Further, he says he reached out to Lego, which initially offered him a free set for his young son, but then rescinded even that offer.(Via

Living on a prayer in MIQ

Kerry writes: “My son is in MIQ in Hamilton and is halfway through his stay today. He said this sign came with his breakfast. Hats off to our MIQ workers who not only do a great job but have retained their sense of humour!”

Apprentice pranks

David Cave of Mt Roskill writes: “Years ago I was working in the old NZ Insurance Building downtown so I thought I would play a trick on my apprentice. I asked him to go and get a flexible screwdriver and the sports edition of War Cry magazine. Well, he was away about an hour and guess what he came back with? A flexible screwdriver – and told me that the bookshop had run out of copies of the War Cry magazine. The rest of the team gave him a good pat on the back and he turned out the best apprentice I have ever trained.”

What's Up Doc?

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