Spy: Tsunami alert no joke for Celebrity Treasure Island’s comedians

Celebrity Treasure Island’s biggest alliance buddies, dancer Lance Savali and comedian Joe Daymond have been good mates for years and moved in the same Wellington circles.

This week on the show, their cunning plans become even more apparent after their foursome alliance, including comedians Chris Parker and Brynley Stent, changed up when Parker was poached from team Repo.

Daymond, 25, says for him the scariest players have always been Parker and Stent.

“They’re the most well rounded and most confident. Any high-pressure situation, they never hesitate to put their hands up and I genuinely thought from day one either of them would be the one to win it all,” he says.

Savali, 29, says he was surprised by the foursome’s alliance, but as soon as they joined teams they were like magnets.

“Our awesome foursome alliance will last forever. We are so close and our friendship has carried on outside the game,” he says.

This week when there was a tsunami alert on the set. Savali said at first they all thought it was a joke.

“When reality settled in we were like, ‘holy s**t this is real’. Our first thoughts were of course our families, because we had no contact, so that was probably the hardest and scariest part of the ordeal,” he says.

Savali, has played ringmaster as his team’s captain and this week gets sprung while meeting Parker at the top of a hill outside of camp boundaries.

The dancer is famous for working with some of the biggest pop stars in the world including Rihanna and Beyonce but says his fanbase has grown from CTI, with mainstream Kiwis recognising him.

“I’m getting middle-aged white people coming up to me asking if I won and how much they love the show,” he says.

He regrets his time as captain has not given him the chance to represent his charity, The Heart Foundation, in eliminations.

“I am a person who suffers from heart disease and they do amazing work in our country.”

Daymond, who, until he began his steady climb touring as a comedian, was living out of his car, says just being asked to be on the show was a massive deal for him and says as far as being a “celebrity” he was very much the bottom of the barrel.

“My life was very different only three years ago and, to be honest, I still haven’t completely adjusted,” he says.

His production company West Park, with a focus on indigenous Gen-Z in media, has just landed its first big TV gig, Bouncers, which he is producing in partnership with Culture Factory for Comedy Central UK.

“I’ll be writing, directing, starring and cleaning the dishes as part of my first big worldwide TV opportunity, which I’m really looking forward to, ” he says.

Any new secrets he learned about Savali from his time on the show?

“Lance told me a story about how he kissed Lady Gaga once and she thought he was Mexican.”

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