The Long-Awaited Outlander Season 7 Trailer Is Finally Here & It’s the Only Holiday Gift You Need

It’s beginning to look a lot like… Outlander’s coming back! This is not a drill. 2023 is looking so good for us – and pretty exciting and sort of stressful for Claire and Jamie Fraser. New episodes of Outlander will be back in Summer 2023, and Starz has just released the best holiday gift ever. That’s right, Santa Jamie has dropped the first look at the season 7 trailer and it’s 40 seconds of jam-packed Fraser goodness! Caitríona Balfe and Sam Heughan return as iconic Jamie and Claire Fraser, and are joined by on-screen daughter, Sophie Skelton, Richard Rankin, John Bell, and Caitlin O’Ryan.

Now let’s breakdown the highlights of the trailer. Claire, you in trouble girl. It begins with Jamie telling Claire, “There is light all around you.” And if by light, you mean trauma and stress Jamie, correct! But yes, Claire is a light, it’s true. Jamie tells Claire he had a dream about her. His re-telling of his dream is the voice over for the entire trailer. We see Jamie and Claire riding horses across a field, looks very peaceful – which means we at least get one scene of peace in the new season! Jamie goes on to describe what kind of light he sees, and let’s just say it’s all shots of Claire. Very on-brand for Jamie Fraser. We see them fall on a bed together, and she smiles. Aw, the first 17 seconds of this trailer are pure joy! But then the stress starts, because hello, would it be Outlander without it?

We see the Declaration of Independence being torn off the wall. Remember, they are very close to the war. And war never works out well for Jamie and Claire. Looking at you, Battle of Culloden. But then there’s a magical looking scene of Brianna and Jamie in the woods with fireflies all around them. Are fans finally getting the father-daughter scenes they’ve been begging for?! Jamie tells Claire he believes the light he sees is electric light. Claire asks him, “But how can you recognize something you’ve never seen in real life?” And we see Claire and Brianna on the verge of tears, almost looking like they’ve learned someone has died.

Then we see all of them walking with a coffin! Outlander! Stop it. But wait, Claire and Jamie are walking beside the coffin, so we know they’re not dead. Lizzie is there too, phewsh. Can’t have Mrs. Double Beardsley dying so soon after being a Twolywed. (Get it? Because she married twins and she’s a newlywed?) Claire looks very upset. Who died, Outlander?! Tell us! We only have to wait like 180 days give or take. We’ll be fine.

It seems like Brianna is finally giving birth! And it looks like a mighty stressful 1700s birth scene with no epidural. But her mom is a surgeon (who loves ether) so she should be okay. But she’s a Fraser, so she probably won’t be.

We see Roger and Jamie looking happy, Ian looking intense. And then. Oh no. Claire has a rope around her neck and is standing on a hanging platform thingy! Is Claire about to be hanged?! But don’t freak out, she says to herself. Look at her hair. It seems it’s probably not too long after the season 6 finale, which if you recall, Claire got thrown in the slammer and had short hair because little evil RIP Malva gave her a haircut while she was sleeping. Now, I’m not an Outlander detective, who are we kidding, I am. All you need to know is that in the final shot of the trailer, Claire has longer hair. So it’s safe to assume, Claire Bear escapes to live another Fraser day. She’s just giving us peak stress as she’s known to do since she first fell through those time-traveling rocks.

Jamie’s voiceover ends with a happy Jamie and Claire hugging (her hair looks longer!) and he says, “I dream of the past, why would I not dream of the future.” Another thing to remember, Jamie has been known to dream of the future. His wife might be time-traveling in reality, but he’s time-traveling in his dreams. In season 4, before ever meeting their daughter, Jamie told Claire he had a dream in which Brianna had a birthmark behind her ear. And Claire was all, “What?! I never told you that.” See, he has some magical dream powers. The Outlander season 7 poster ominously poses the question, “When do you belong?” Um. There’s only one correct answer: When Jamie and Claire are alive and together.

Now. Go. Watch the teaser 2022 times. You know you will. Is it summer 2023 yet? You have plenty of time to re-watch seasons 1 through 6, thankfully. Ho, ho, ho. Love, the Frasers.

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