Woman’s ‘clever’ travel hack for using plugs abroad is blowing people’s minds

When going on holiday, there are many things you have to remember to pack, including a travel adaptor.

It would be a bit of a pain if you forgot this one simple thing and then couldn't use your phone charger or hair straighteners the whole time you were away.

Some people might also be keen to take a few adaptors with them, so they can have more than one thing plugged in at a time.

But one woman has just revealed there's a much simpler way to use all your cables while on a trip – and honestly we can't believe we didn't think of it before.

A Twitter user named Sasha, from Nottingham, shared a post explaining how she always takes an extension lead on holiday with her.

She wrote: "Am I the only person who takes an extension lead on holiday instead of taking a dozen plug adaptors."

This easy hack, means you only need one adaptor, which you plug the extension lead into, then you have multiple UK-style outlets to use.

Many thought her post was genius and the tweet quickly went viral, with over 9,400 people liking it and 1,000 retweeting it.

One shocked user replied: "Why is this the most clever thing I've seen all day?"

Another commented: "Why is this the simplest idea but I'd never think of it?"

A third asked her what it was like living in "2090" as she was clearly years ahead of everyone.

"This legit has just blown my mind," confessed a fourth. "Why have I never thought of this?"

However not everyone was amazed by the hack – some had been doing it themselves for a while.

"Literally thought everyone did this," responded a different user. "The amount of people who don't."

Someone else added: "I do it every week when I work abroad. The problem is if I put an extension in hand luggage, it normally goes down the other channel for checking so takes longer. So always end up doing checked in luggage. Have one with USB too then you don't need your adaptors, only leads."

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