3.PARADIS Uses Real $1 USD Bills To Craft $3,990 USD Solo Dollars Coach Jacket

Emeric Tchatchoua‘s progressive label 3.PARADIS transcends art, fashion, and culture with its new concept, unveiling the Solo Dollars coach jacket and Shavon Dollars tote bag.

Authentic American $1 USD bank bills have been used to craft these one-of-a-kind pieces. Notes are hand-stitched on top of a beige cotton twill fabric base to create the jacket and tote, which are then covered in a hand-stitched translucent silicone layer that not only provides protection, but also gives the pieces an optical illusion, somewhat blurring the notes in places.

The coach jacket features details such as a point collar, welt pockets, and snap-button fastening, while the tote bag is complete with a twin set of leather handles and shoulder straps, a microbubble velcro closure system, and a pocket inside.

A conceptual deconstruction of art, fashion, and history combine on both these pieces. As 3.PARADIS says, they “tell the tale of the millions seeking for freedom at the pursuit of the American Dream.” The price for this one-of-a-kind moment? $3,990 USD for the coach jacket, and $1,295 USD for the tote bag. Shop both on 3.PARADIS’ website now.

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