Baby expert issues warning over bath seats saying they give parents a ‘false sense of security’ but can be deadly

EVERY day in the UK, children are at risk of serious injury and even death due to little-known hazards in the home. 

A child safety expert has revealed that one of the most problematic household items is bath seats.

Child Accident Prevention Trust CEO, Katrina Phillips said: "We're worried that bath seats can give parents a false sense of security. It's easy to assume they're safe for a few seconds.

“But we know of too many tragedies where a baby has slipped out or the seat has toppled into the water.

“Bath seats are not made to be safety devices and babies need you with them constantly when they're in the bath."

Young children can drown in just a few centimetres of water, very quickly and – unlike in the films – with no noise or struggle.

If a bath seat tips forward, it can even act as a cage, keeping the child trapped underneath.

Fortunately, the solution is simple: Bath seat or no bath seat, never leave an infant alone in the tub – even for a moment.

It’s also important not to leave them under the supervision of older siblings – they may not recognise or respond to the danger quickly enough, and may lack the strength to pull the baby out of harm’s way.


By preparing everything you will need before getting your little one into the bath, you will be less tempted to pop out and grab something midway through.

This warning comes just weeks after a mum shared her horror at finding her two-year-old son fully-clothed and asleep in an overflowing bath, after his attempts to climb out left him exhausted.

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