Bloke offers to swap his wife’s £1.5k engagement ring for an iPhone & gets savaged online

A BLOKE has offered to swap his wife's £1,500 engagement ring for an iPhone – and been savaged online.

Posting on a Facebook bargains page, the man also said he'd accept a bullbar (a car push bumper) in exchange for the sparkler.

He says: "$2000 (£1,500) ONO (or nearest offer) or I will swap for iPhones 11 pro max or KUN26 bullbar. It's a size N."

Sharing the bizarre offer in a Wedding Shaming thread on Reddit, one woman said: "Damnn… Wife ring being traded for iPhone or Bullbar".

Some commenters reckon the diamond ring, from designer Michael Hill, would have cost around £3,300 ($4,300) new.

But many tore it apart, with one writing: "That is an ugly ass ring. He's better off with a bullbar."

A second person said: "lol the double halo. this belongs on ringshaming too".

While a third wrote: "Like something you'd see on my Big Fat Gypsy Wedding."

Others said to give the guy a break, as he may have been dumped and left heartbroken.

One woman wrote: "You never know what happened… maybe they broke up?"

And a mum added: "I broke up with my ex and traded in my engagement ring to buy my son new school shoes".

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